Our strategy

Mölnlycke aims to become the market leader across all segments and geographies where the company operates. This ambition is firmly grounded in a strong portfolio of brands, as well as strong heritage of customer-insight driven innovations that improve the lives of people and planet.

The company’s strategy is centred around three pillars: customer-centricity, digitalisation and sustainability where Mölnlycke’s aspiration is to become the unquestionable industry leader. By focusing on these three strategic pillars, across its Business Areas, Mölnlycke is committed to creating long-term value for its customers, its owners, and the communities the company serves.

Sustainable growth is delivered through innovative products and solutions that make a measurable positive impact for customers. This includes the continuous improvement and enhancement of existing offerings, radical innovation into new or adjacent areas, as well as new technologies that can help improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare providers.

Mölnlycke’s strategy is deeply rooted in ethnographic studies conducted in the everyday environment of healthcare professionals. These studies have also helped inform the individual strategies of each Business Area.

Our strategic priorities

  • Customer-centricity for Mölnlycke is about placing the customer, including hospitals, distributors, retailers and independent healthcare providers, at the heart of decision-making, understanding their needs, and developing sustainable and innovative solutions that meet these needs. Customer centricity has been the foundation of the Mölnlycke business for 175 years.

    Through an ethnographic approach, Mölnlycke actively listens and engages with patients, healthcare providers and caregivers, to build strong relationships founded on trust and partnership. These partnerships, which are at the core of the Mölnlycke strategy, provides the company with unique insights into the needs, challenges, and opportunities facing patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers today and tomorrow. As a result, Mölnlycke is uniquely positioned to develop insights-driven innovations which enhances the customer experience throughout the customer journey, from procurement and delivery, to product performance, and after-sales service. Customer-centricity also means that Mölnlycke’s four Business Areas incorporate customer insights, needs and preferences into operations, strategy, and decision-making processes. Therefore, the Mölnlycke business can be agile, responsive, and adaptive, in meeting the ever-changing needs of the customer segments the company serves.

  • Mölnlycke is advancing its position to industry leadership in sustainable healthcare thanks to its ambitious WeCare roadmap.

    Anchored in a materiality analysis, Mölnlycke’s sustainability roadmap, WeCare, centres on climate change, circularity, health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainable supply chains, community support, human rights and business ethics.

    Sustainable healthcare solutions are crucial to ensure the long term well-being of both society and the environment. Committed to reach Net Zero by 2050 at the latest, Mölnlycke has developed a robust roadmap to decarbonise and decouple its business from resource constraints. Mölnlycke’s near-term science-based targets have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative, reinforcing its commitment to a sustainable future. The company is also actively engaged in promoting a circular economy, incorporating circular practices throughout the value chain. Mölnlycke recognises the transformative possibilities across every facet of its business with a collaborative focus on providing its customers with sustainable solutions to safeguard the health of people and the planet.

    Mölnlycke partners with organisations at the forefront of shaping the future of sustainable healthcare. The company enters strategic alliances designed to maximise the impact of the partners’ expertise, capabilities and the potential to leverage at scale, delivering innovative sustainable solutions to global healthcare challenges while minimising the environmental impact and exerting a positive societal impact.

  • The global digital health market is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the forthcoming years, as chronic diseases continue to increase and governments and healthcare providers are increasingly motivated to explore more accessible and cost effective methods for providing healthcare. Mölnlycke is committed to invest in digital solutions and ecosystems to improve patient outcomes, drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

    Mölnlycke aspires to become a leading provider of digital solutions to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare providers. The company embraces external partnerships with suppliers, customers and academia and is actively engaged in the development of several solutions that incorporate digital components designed to enhance the quality of healthcare.

    Data is a the heart of Mölnlycke’s digitalisation strategy. With the improved and accelerated use of data, Mölnlycke can better explore, identify and understand its customer needs and preferences, allowing the company to improve the overall experience of its products and services for the customer. Data analysis can also help Mölnlycke identify market trends and opportunities to drive radical innovation.

    Mölnlycke has identified opportunities in ecosystems, digital solutions and advanced technology capabilities that include:

    • The use of artificial intelligence, data and analytics
    • New business models
    • Software developments