Sustainable Procurement in the health care sector: A practical guide

Thank you for your interest in ‘Sustainable Procurement in the health care sector’ consensus paper. We invite you to download your copy below.

The consensus statement, developed by clinical professionals, as well as sustainability and procurement experts, aims to serve as a practical guide for procurement professionals on various factors related to sustainable purchasing, including financial impact, measurement, and performance. The ultimate goal is to enhance sustainability when purchasing products.

While various documents address sustainability across different industries, this document moves beyond theoretical frameworks, offering actionable strategies to inspire and empower stakeholders.

In the context of a global health emergency declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) 1 , healthcare professionals face multiple challenges. However, integrating environmental, social, and governance criteria into healthcare procurement decisions is not an additional burden; rather, it provides a coherent framework to address these challenges. Sustainability principles offer strategic direction that not only complements but also enhances the resilience and effectiveness of healthcare systems during crises, laying the foundation for a sustainable and resilient future.

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1. World Health Organization. Public health and environment data.          Accessed 12 January 2024