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Mölnlycke to help establish cleft care centre in the Philippines

World-leading medical solutions company Mölnlycke is setting up a centre for cleft care in the Philippine city of Cebu with its long-term charity partner Operation Smile.

Being born with a cleft lip or palate is more than just a cosmetic problem. Many children have issues eating or speaking. They can grow up isolated, unable to socialise and deprived of opportunities.

The Philippines has one of the highest incidences of cleft palate and cleft lip in the world. A simple surgical procedure can correct cleft problems. But access to healthcare is low in the country, particularly for people living outside the two main islands, and there is a need to enhance the specialist cleft care skills of healthcare professionals.

10,000 surgeries in three years

The centre, which is planned to open in Q4 2021, will serve the 27 million people who live on Cebu or one of the 150+ surrounding islands. In its first three years, Operation Smile and Mölnlycke estimate that the centre will support up to 10,000 surgeries, via a hub and spokes model in the community. More than 26,000 patients will receive consultations and 1,800 community health workers will be trained – alongside 400 Operation Smile volunteers and hospital staff.

Supporting with funds, products and expertise

Mölnlycke has committed to an initial three-year partnership agreement to support the centre at Cebu. In addition to funds, the company will donate products, train healthcare professionals in infection prevention and provide logistics support. As expertise within Cebu and the surrounding area grows, the ambition is for the centre to become less reliant on direct support and more self-sufficient.

"By acting as a hub for cleft care, with spokes throughout the Philippines, the centre will improve access to healthcare significantly in an underserved region. We are very proud to be able to make a difference in this way."

Zlatko Rihter CEO

Follow #Cebu10000

#Cebu10000 is the first time Mölnlycke has supported healthcare infrastructure and marks a significant step-change in the company’s relationship with its global charity partner Operation Smile. Since 2004, when Mölnlycke began its support of Operation Smile, the company has donated funds, volunteer time and more than 1.5 million pairs of Biogel® surgical gloves to support cleft procedures.

A model of cleft care

"Thanks to Mölnlycke’s medical solutions and the energy and positive spirit of its employees, together we are building a state-of-the-art centre that will serve as a model of cleft care for the rest of the world."

Bill Magee Operation Smile Co-founder and CEO


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