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Mölnlycke announces new partnership with burn survivors organisation Phoenix Society

Mölnlycke Health Care is pleased to announce our partnership with Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Since 1977, Phoenix Society has served burn survivors, their loved ones, burn care professionals, researchers and others committed to empowering the burn community to enable transformational healing. With the overarching vision of uniting the voice of the burn community globally to “advance lifelong healing, optimal recovery, and burn prevention”, the Phoenix Society offers programmes, tools, education and events to bring this vision to life.

With our wide range of burn care solutions including for example cleansing, gentle wound dressings and scar management, Mölnlycke is uniquely positioned to support Phoenix Society initiatives. Our advanced wound care dressings are enabled by Safetac® technology, a gentle silicone adhesive that reduces pain and minimises skin trauma of burn survivors at dressing change. Mölnlycke also provide information about burn dressings and healing through educational content, clinical evidence, and tips and tricks on how to apply burn care.

“We are happy to partner with Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, given they have set the standard as a patient advocacy group for burn survivors. Burn patients have suffered enough, and burn survivors need the best possible treatment to set burn healing into motion while reducing additional trauma in the gentlest way. Their global outreach and strong partnership with scientific societies makes Phoenix Society an ideal partner for Mölnlycke."

Anders Andersson EVP, Wound Care, Mölnlycke


The power of partnership

The partnership between Phoenix Society and Mölnlycke brings together two organisations driven by a mission to make survivors’ healing easier and their lives fuller by reaching survivors earlier, minimising the impact of burns and giving survivors the solutions, resources and community needed to facilitate recovery and support.

“Phoenix Society is excited to launch our partnership with Mölnlycke Health Care. Mölnlycke is committed to supporting burn care professionals, and our collaboration will raise awareness of effective and gentle burn care. Together, we will improve the quality of care and recovery for burn survivors worldwide."

Amy Acton, CEO of Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors