Building the workplace of tomorrow

In our role as a responsible employer, Mölnlycke’s work to establish a culture of care for our colleagues starts with safety. We achieve our vision of becoming a sustainability leader in our industry with a healthy, safe and engaged workforce which embraces diversity and inclusion.


We place a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of care for our colleagues, with safety serving as the cornerstone. We maintain high standards in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) performance and capability and invest in safety leadership programs, global employee training initiatives and engagement programs.  

table safety first

  • In order to deliver consistent long-term performance and strengthen our safety culture, Mölnlycke invest in visible safety leadership programmes, global employee training programmes and engagement initiatives, as well as maintain an integrated Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system.

    Our corporate EHS management system drives continual improvement in all aspects of OH&S, including setting global standards, ensuring root cause analysis of all lost time incidents, high potential incidents and near misses, training, annual site improvement plans, and performing internal and external audits. Mölnlycke also incorporates learning across the organisation through monthly dedicated global EHS team meetings and best practice sharing. Our management system covers 90% of our manufacturing locations, is certified to the ISO 45001 standard, and is regularly audited by an accredited body to ensure continued conformance.

    Improving safety performance is based on having robust processes in place and being consistent in applying and improving these processes at all our locations. The core elements of our OH&S excellence programme focus on people safety, process safety, health and well-being, as well as people and physical security.

    Security at Mölnlycke is focused on ensuring the safety of people, information, assets and critical business processes against wilful security risks both on site, and whilst travelling. The level of standardisation of procedures, processes and training for personnel dealing with security at all our locations will continue to increase.

    We encourage and empower all of our employees to actively contribute to creating a positive OH&S culture. Health and safety committees, composed of managers, safety responsibles and works council or employee representatives, are established at all our manufacturing locations and headquarters. These enable inclusive consultation and participation on the topics of OH&S systems, evaluation and improvement. The committees follow local regulations regarding agenda and frequency of meetings.

    We strongly encourage our employees to raise their concerns should they experience or suspect misconducts (breach of the law, of the Code of Conduct or of Mölnlycke policies and procedures). To do so, employees can use the Ethics Hotline (online and phone) which is supported by an external vendor. We have developed policies and procedures to ensure concerns raised by employees are investigated confidentially. Furthermore, Mölnlycke does not tolerate retaliation against employees raising their concerns in good faith, supporting or participating in investigations. We proactively seek to address risks of retaliation by reaching out to employees who are identified as potentially exposed; we integrate more awareness in training and communication to make sure employees can recognise retaliation and know how to react.

    Our OH&S performance is continually tracked and reported on a monthly basis, with thorough checks to ensure data quality. Our main KPI for safety is the lost time injury rate1 for employees. We report incidents to local authorities in accordance with national legislation. Mölnlycke also believes that work-related ill health2 is an important aspect of OH&S; therefore cases are tracked and analysed, and targets are set to improve performance.

    1. Based on one million hours worked.
    2. The term ‘Ill health’ indicates damage to health and includes diseases, illnesses, and disorders, including those that are stress related.



Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)

We strive to create an inclusive and equitable workplace where we consistently recognise, leverage, and celebrate the power of diversity

Mölnlycke recognise that making all its employees thrive is an integral part of being sustainable. The diversity of our workforce fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and helps us be better problem-solvers. It also provides better insights into the needs of our customers and patients. It starts with the highest levels of Mölnlycke organisation, our Executive Leadership team, where 5 nationalities are currently represented.

table DEI


Employee Resource Groups

Mölnlycke encourage and provide a framework for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – networking and professional development groups based on shared characteristics or background. Mölnlycke employees in the USA created ERGs such as the Professional Women's Alliance, African American Resource Group, Veterans, and BeYou (an LGBTQ+ community).

The activities of these communities focus on raising awareness and improving equity, inclusivity and a sense of belonging for its members. In 2023 we also started measuring global Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) Index Score to be reported in 2024.

infographic employee resource groups

  • We value and celebrate the diversity of our employees, recognising that it fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and enhances our problem-solving capabilities. Being diverse makes us better in understanding the needs of our customers, allowing us to provide them with best-in-class solutions.

    We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where every employee can be their authentic self and feel a sense of belonging regardless of their cultural background, mindset, personal styles, previous experiences, age, gender, religion, language, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, education, occupation, socio-economic status or any other unique trait. We empower and support employee resource groups, where employees come together to support a cause through sharing their experiences, providing mentorship, and advocating for positive change.

    We believe that all employees have the right to equitable compensation, benefits, and opportunities for development and advancement. To achieve this we ensure that our internal processes are fair and equitable through continuous analysis and feedback sharing.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

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Employee engagement

We futureproof our business by listening to employees and regularly seeking feedback. Twice a year all employees are encouraged to participate in the Mölnlycke Pulse – a company-wide engagement survey. Apart from a more general culture-related survey, Mölnlycke Pulse also includes targeted check-in surveys on critical topics conducted at critical moments, e.g. onboarding and offboarding surveys. The results are thoroughly analysed and action plans follow. 


Empowering future leaders

At Mölnlycke we believe new skills can be learned relatively quickly, but the knowledge of the business is built incrementally over the years and is equally important as showing the right attitude.

Mölnlycke has a comprehensive Career & Development framework, which includes talent reviews for succession planning, as well as a number of leadership development programmes.

"What distinguishes Mölnlycke as a workplace is a strong sense of purpose that all employees share, which in turn is the main driver for all the innovation and creativity that sits within these walls. Working with these driven and talented colleagues is a major source of inspiration for me every day."

Ylva Lindgren Global Director Digital Enablement