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Healthcare Intelligence

Together we are building a connected future, for everyone,

The future of healthcare is here, and we are committed to helping clinicians understand what this means. Through the years, we have remained focused on innovations that support clinicians to deliver improved healthcare outcomes. As technology advances and economic pressures increase, the pace of change must accelerate.

Mölnlycke® is now taking a major leap forward with what we call Healthcare Intelligence  – it is a smart combination of products, data, technology and insights. Also an evolving collection of the ideas, opinions and trends that as a whole will transform healthcare. We want to support clinicians with more knowledge for them to continue delivering improved patient outcomes in our changing world.


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Mölnlycke Healthcare Intelligence Blog

Read more about insights, relevant articles and exciting surveys about the future health sector. Key opinion leaders from related fields will share their thoughts and visions about the healthcare of tomorrow. Stay tuned for regular updates.

Learn more about the future of woundcare

Mölnlycke dressing with chip designs

Imagine a future where healthcare professionals are armed with smart, connected solutions that enable them to capture and deliver real-time data – and there is no conflict between wound assessment and undisturbed healing.

Imagine the benefits these solutions could bring to clinical decision-making and picture a future when products are supported by monitoring and smart alerts – powering prevention, treatment and compliance .  Think of the improved efficiency – the freeing up of resources and capacity.

This is a vision we are working towards. We want to channel technology to make this a reality and transform the way healthcare professionals are able to care for their patients.

Let's discuss the future of wound management together

Devices with tissue analytics screenshots


Mölnlycke has partnered with Tissue Analytics – the company behind an advanced cross-platform software which records, measures, tracks and analyses wounds. 

And when combined with the integrated Mölnlycke’s Clinical Decision Support - customised to local standard of care and formulary - it will improve the consistency and quality of wound care delivery across every healthcare setting. 

With a shared passion for delivering excellence, we’ve partnered with Tissue Analytics to enable clinicians to channel the digital future and use connectivity to elevate the treatment of chronic wounds

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